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mAP AC in the near future?

Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:01 am


Any plans for a mAP AC in the future, ideally with hardware crypto?
Alternatively, or in addition, an LtAP mini AC LTE
It seems like a lot in a tiny package, and it is, but it's pretty much my dream travel/hotel firewall, wifi relay, and low-end VPN device.

It doesn't need to be amazing and fast, but the mAP form-factor really needs concurrent dual-band support to be "ideal".
Many hotels don't have wired ethernet in the rooms anymore, so ideally you want to receive hotel wireless on one "outside" radio and/or one of the RJ-45 jacks (if available) then the other radio and RJ-45 jack as your in-room hotspot with native vpn connectivity.
Lastly, the AC capability would make it a viable long-term (or temporary) wifi bridge device to connect equipment that doesn't have wifi at good speeds without slowing down the rest of the network.

Adding dual-band capability to the LtAP mini LTE makes it an even more perfect travel router than it is just so you can get off of 2.4 and, also, it gives you that second radio to be able to get off of LTE to save your data plans when other WiFi is available.

One can dream. :-)

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