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Recommendtions for new network

Fri May 17, 2019 11:09 am

I would like to ask for recommendations for configuration for the following setup:
1. WAN station has RB850 with dedicated spare eth, where one groove 5hpn will be beamed up to the mountain station 1
2. two additional sites will connect to mountain station 1
3. there are some additional requirements at MS1 (web cvam, local guest WiFi, LoRa GW via eth, ...)
4. Mountain station2 is placed in lower hill to connect few local clients (via wlan), LoRa GW and web cam
5. Remote sites connected to Remote station1 can be either guests or remote site "tunneled" to LAN at WAN station (connected to other RB850 ports)

For start I am not asking for detailed configuration, just for general info, some basic stuff like which roles should be assigned to each router and what wireless connection should be first choice (mostly for longer links). Any suggestions for choosing other, more suitable configuration are also welcome. The models of the equipment shown on the diagram above are those I already have. They have been in use last 6 years, but now the old network was removed and I would like to use this in new setup, first to expand LoRaWAN and second, to bring internet to remote locations.
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Re: Recommendtions for new network

Sat May 18, 2019 10:07 am


Just a quick overview on the design itself.
I am curious as to why you are using Groove + panel 24dB PtP. This is single polarized then and according to the design you will have multiple Access Points behind this.
I'd rather have 2x LHG5 or XL5's pointing to each other. Especially at 12km i'd rather have stability on 5.8GHz and dual polarized for throughput.

Then you have SxT 5nd PtP @ 10km. Again this may work but due to the distance it would be a safer option to go with LHG's straight away.
LHG5's PtP @ 5km seems perfectly fine.
Is the switch at the mountain station required? If all three your antenna's are on the same Mast then you could consider a Powerbox directly into a GW/switch instead. Like a RB3011 or RB4011 RM. Camera's and LoRa can all pplug directly into here.
Or alternatively use a PoE switch on ground level and run 3 cables up. You can use an intergrated switch such as a CRS328-24P or smaller.

The single polarized Groove+Omni with wireless devices connecting in 2.4Ghz such as hAP lites etc will not give you the desired results. With those distances the ideal scenario would be a 90 SXT Sectorized AP and 3x wAP ac's. Using the wAP ac's 5.8Ghz for a stable connection and the 2.4GHz built in for wireless distribution. (Provided the 4 points are within 90 Degrees. Otherwise you are looking at a OmniTik. But a wAP ac's may not be stable to an OmniTik on 500m. So you may need an SxT for this one connection then and a mAP as a stationary indoor AP cabled to the SxT.

*These are just my suggestions from a hardware design point of view.

With the speeds your talking about your WAN station PtP to Mountain station1 has to be a powerhouse to get close to 500mbps. Such as 80Mhz ac @ -55dBi or better. LHG XL ac's are your best affordable bet here. AFAIK consider ac with all your PtP's if possible.
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Re: Recommendtions for new network

Sun May 19, 2019 12:18 am

Genkun thank you for answer. The WAN rate is not reflected in wireless links. I can live with about 5-10Mbit speeds.

I will consider your suggestions about HW. Thank you.


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