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L2TP over IPSEC with ping but no access to equipment (works only on LTE WAN but not on ISP WAN)

Fri May 17, 2019 9:31 pm

I have a scenario where an office router has to be connected through L2TP IPSEC to a remote router which drives several AP. I need to have access to remotelly.
My office is at and the remote at with statics on the equipment and DHCP for clients. I have used static ip for local and for remote location and the tunnel is being performed properly. As I need to have access on from office to the remote direction and not the opposite I ha set my routes properly and I have ping to all devices to the remote site.
The problem is that I cannot access the devices through web fig or winbox.
As routing could be the answer I have to add that both my office and remote location have ISP routers behind mikrotiks which provide wan and nothing else as a static address to my Mikrotik routers. VOIP telephony cannot enable bridging or anything else do those routers have to be there.
The funny thing is that I have tested my scenario before apply it to teh remote user with a haplite in my office where my main router was wan from the ISP and the haplite through LTE from USB of my mobile.
I have successful L2TP ipsec , successful pings to the haplite as well as I am able to check the route through webfig, winbox and also being able to see my laptops shared folder which is wirelessly connected on the haplite.
So this misled me to think that will work also in the case of the remote router over ISP.
Any ideas?
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