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Mac address getting double ip leases DHCP

Sat May 18, 2019 1:15 am


We are having some issues with our DHCP leasing, it is being duplicated, unique mac address are getting multiple ip address by the same DHCP Server.

This is our setup:

One mikrotik CCR1072 that is serving dhcp, hotspot, and routing to 3 different networks; the hotspot network is extended using a Cisco WLC and local Mode Cisco Aironet AP's

this is the DHCP config
/ip dhcp-server
add address-pool=dhcp_pool4 allow-dual-stack-queue=no disabled=no interface=VLAN841_FASE1_SFP5 lease-time=1d name=Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841

4 dhcp_pool4                                                                                                                                                                                                           

We are getting blank mac address in some leases in the HS network, the leases are like this:
 #   ADDRESS                       MAC-ADDRESS       HOST-NAME                      SERVER                                       RATE-LIMIT                                       STATUS 
 0 D                                                                                              Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                          busy   
 1 D                                                                                                  Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                           busy   
 2 D                                                                                            Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                                    busy   
 3 D                                                                                              Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                                    busy   
 4 D                                                                                            Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                                    busy   
 5 D                                                                                              Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                                    busy   
 6 D                                                                                                Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841                                                                    busy   
 7 D                                                                                            Principal_Mikrotik_VLAN841              
looking at the arp table of this ip address, we can get the correct mac address, but it seems that this MAC got another lease from the same server. Some mac-address get more than 2 different IP's
I am trying to figure it out why this is happening, i would appreciate any help in this regard.
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