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spectral-scan file output analysis

Wed May 22, 2019 1:54 pm

Hi there,
I'm analyzing the file generated by spectral-scan
This is a block:
00 0001 254d 3210 0000 8800 000f
0000 8800 000e 0000 8800 000d 0000 8800
0005 0000 08a0 1400 0006 0000 08c8 1400
0001 00fe 0918 0b00 0031 70b8 bbbd c7c2
c6c4 c4c2 c4c7 c2c9 c3c2 c4c3 c2c3 c1c2
c1c0 bfbe bdba b6b5 b7bb bdbe c8c9 cbce
cacc cac5 c4c9 c5c6 c9c8 c5ca cac9 cacb
cac7 c5c5 c6c6 c9c8 cbcc cccd d1d0 cecd
d1ce cecc cdcd cdcf cace c9c5 c5c7 c8c4
c5c6 c6c8 c6c8 c9c9 cac9 cbc8 c9c9 c6ca
cace cccc ccce c9ca c6c3 c3
0a 0000 3170
a9ab acb1 b0b3 b2b3 b3b5 b4b4 b5b5 b5b6
b6b5 b5b3 b4b4 b2b1 b0b0 aeaa a6a6 a8a9
acb1 b2b3 b3b2 b4b3 b3b3 b4b3 b5b5 b5b4
b6b6 b5b5 b6b5 b5b4 b4b5 b4b7 b7b9 b9b9
babc bcba b9bb bbba b9b9 b9b8 bab8 b9b5
b3b2 b1b2 b4b4 b4b5 b5b5 b6b7 b7b7 b8b7
b6b7 b5b4 b5b4 b6b4 b5b5 b5b3 b3b1 b0b0

0c00 0010 f7ac e9f4 7500 0000

The range frequency is beetween 140a (= 5130) and 14c8 (=5320).
I don't understand how to interpret the values ​​in blue.
I ask for help.

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