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CRS328-24P-4S+ Unscheduled Reboot after 13 days

Sat May 25, 2019 1:20 pm

After 13 days and 18 hours following an upgrade to 6.44.3 my core switch had an unscheduled reboot.

The switch is a CRS328-24P-4S+ running RouterOS as SwOS was causing so many issues.

As this is a coreswitch, several devices powered by PoE also rebooted from loss of power resulting in considerable disruption. The switch itself is powered via a UPS and no power issues occurred. All other devices (other than those powered by PoE) had issues.

The switch is running 6.44.3 (OS & Firmware). Before upgrading 13 days 18 hours ago it was running 6.44.

I generated a supout.rif and submitted it to support but I'm just wondering if anyone has had any similar issues?

Being a coreswitch means it's a bit of a concern. Especially as it took out NFS to some ESXi hosts.

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