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issue with hot spot profile

Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:10 pm

Hi Guys...can anyone help me please...

I tried to install a WiFi hotspot for my office with a cAP.

I then downloaded and installed Userman, in order to create in batch users and print vouchers for the guest WiFi to be given to customers.

How do I create a profile to give to these users because they have the following limitations?:

Each user can log-in to the Hotspot's WiFi network only between 08:00am and 08:00pm on working days (Saturday and Sunday excluded)
Each user once logged-in will have only the 12 hours of uptime (08:00am-08:00pm), or a smaller portion of it ... depends on what time he logs-in, but only on the working day defined in the previous point.
So it could happen that if a user uses the voucher today at 7.45 pm he will only be able to browse 15 minutes, but tomorrow he will be denied access and must request a new voucher.

Last question, less important for now, but I'll have to solve it after the problem of profiles:

I inserted the company logo in "flash/hotspot/img/" overwriting the Mikrotik logo (logobottom.png), and in fact I can see it on the hotspot login page instead of the Mikrotik one, but how can I show this logo in the html template of the voucher?

If I use html tag src="http: //IpOfTheHotspot/hotspot/img/logobottom.png" I see the original Mikrotik and not the new logo overwritten....why?

any help very appreciated....thanks

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