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Access via agent getting std failure: not allowed (9)

Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:40 am


I've setup a CHR and am trying to build up the Dude map to connect to my various sites. I created a new Group on each remote router with read, test and dude permissions only and created a new user in that group locked to the IP of the CHR Dude server. As I built up the map, I can successfully connect to each remote Mikrotik router using the custom user with those permissions.

I then started to add a few remote PCs (simple Ping service as they all answer pings locally) pointing each one to their respective local Mikrotik routers as the agents. And this works for most sites successfully. I have come across a site (Call it Site 1, whose router is Router 1 - an RB3011) where I cannot add any of its remote devices to perform simple services like Ping (or any of the probes). In the Dude's device properties for Router 1, the Status shows as "up" and RouterOS Status shows as "ok". However, any attempt to add simple services to remote devices at Site 1 keeps coming back with "std failure: not allowed (9)". I enabled SNMP on Router 1 as well as on a local PC (PC 1) at Site 1. I can add PC 1 as a device and successfully perform SNMP checks via Router 1 as the agent. I still cannot get simple services like ping to work on PC 1.

All routers and the CHR are at the same RouterOS version - 6.45.1 as required for remote agents to work.
I have tried switching to using the full admin account to connect to Router 1 but still cannot add any PCs from Site 1 to perform simple pings.
I installed the Dude server on Router 1 then added a few local PCs to that local copy of Dude and they have no problem being pinged or performing any of the relevant probes from the local Dude server. They just will not work when configured on the CHR Dude server.

I'm at a loss as to why it works everywhere else (so far) except this one site.

What ports / permissions / etc. do I need to examine to check that this site should work like all the others ?



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