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wAP R ac LTE Antenna ?

Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:34 pm

What are the parameters of LTE antenna of this device (and is it the same like in wAP) ? Is it possible to use external antenna like ?
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Re: wAP R ac LTE Antenna ?

Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:40 am

According to the brochure they are 4 dBi (with u.FL connector). ... 101931.pdf

Looking at the Quick Quide it looks like you can use your own antennas. ... series.pdf
MiniPCIe slot usage
The device is equipped with a miniPCIe slot (a kit with preinstalled modem also available) to be used with a 3G/4G/
LTE modem. A SIM slot is provided for use together with a miniPCIe modem. SIM slot is not usable separately.
To install the miniPCIe module, remove both screws below the power jack and slide out the wAP PCB board. Insert
the miniPCIe modem, and secure it with two Philips screws which are already in place.
Attach the grey uFL connector to the MAIN antenna connector of the modem, attach the black cable to the other (or
AUX) connector. It is possible to use external antennas for the modem, two SMA mounting holes are provided next
to the reset button, or if you prefer to attach antennas to the case directly, SMA antennas can be mounted on the
bottom of the case if you remove the two plastic hole covers first
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Re: wAP R ac LTE Antenna ?

Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:02 am

With wAP AC R you can use the antenna that you mention. Needs two ACSMAUFL and a LTE card. To the antenna, you can use a pair of SMASMA.

About the LTE card, I not know if wAP AC R also have some incompatibility with R11e-LTE-US card like RBLtAP. Maybe have, because MikroTik has not released an "US" version of this product on kit version. Probably normis or another one knows more about it.


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