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Problem with BGP VRF Issues

Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:11 am

Hello, I have the following situation, I have my Core that gives me the internet with the routes for access to the internet, connected to it I have another Mikrotik which shares it via bgp with vpn4 the vrf of the internet, but I have another router that by the location cannot reach the core of the internet, so I configure the bgp and the vrf so that the second one that is connected to the first one shares them, he shares them well and they appear in the 3rd but does not give me access or answer ping

The objective is that the internet routes of router1 can be used on router3, on roouter 2 it works perfectly for me, and on router3 they come out when I put the vrf and the bgp but they don't give me access

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