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The Dude 6.45.3 database imported but nothing in the clients side

Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:54 am


I recently had to reinstall my CHR due to disk failure. I have automated scripts running to make backup for the CHR as well as the DUDE database.

Now in the new installation the system was successfully restored from the MikroTik backup file but when I import the DUDE database file, it says successfully imported but in the client section, the dude is completely empty.

I also checked that my DUDE database backup file size is about 4mb and after the import, the new dude/dude.db file is just 30kb which clearly says that the import is not done even it says successfully imported in the cli command.

Anyone has any idea on what’s wrong? May be someone from MikroTik can help me with it?

The DUDE back up was done from version 6.45.3 using export-db command.
The new DUDE is also 6.45.3 and import is done by import-db command

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