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Problems and probable solution for connection to hAP mini

Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:00 pm

hi all,

I have just discovered an ambiguous behavior in the configuration of a mini hAP and I wonder if it is a bug or an expected operation.
Very randomly, some mini hAPs allow me to connect to the wireless device but then my smartphone fails to acquire the IP address and does not browse.
This problem drove me crazy, also because the configuration of the mini hAPs is performed through a standard script and I couldn't understand why some mini hAPs worked and others didn't.

In the logs the message is:

16:26:48 wireless,info 00:1D:D9:05:11:D4@wlan1: connected, signal strength -39
16:26:53 wireless,info 00:1D:D9:05:11:D4@wlan1: disconnected, unicast key exchange timeout

while the typical radio configuration is:

/interface wireless
set 0 adaptive-noise-immunity=ap-and-client-mode band=2ghz-g/n country=\
no_country_set disabled=no bridge-mode=enabled \
hw-retries=15 max-station-count=32 mode=ap-bridge \
radio-name=blabla rate-set=configured frequency=auto\
security-profile=password-wifi scan-list=2412,2437,2462 tx-power=22 tx-power-mode=default \
preamble-mode=both distance=indoors ht-basic-mcs="" rx-chains=0,1 tx-chains=0,1 \
wireless-protocol=802.11 ssid=blablawifi wps-mode=disabled

In the end it seems that he managed to solve by configuring the Scan-list as Default and not with the scan-list set a priori (scan-list = 2412,2437,2462).

I am therefore wondering if this is a problem with this product (hAP mini) or the configuration was wrong from the beginning.



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