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Experience CRS326-24G-2S + RM / Buy Recommendations

Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:05 pm

Hello everybody,

I hope somebody can help me. Have read some pages in the forum / wiki and do not know if the selected hardware from me (CRS326-24G-2S + RM) is enough.

I want to use VLANs and the data throughput between the VLANs (if not blocked by firewall) should also be at full speed (1 Gbps). With the Internet connection, I have a download speed of 1 GBit / s and this should of course be fully exploited.

Currently I use the router RB3011 UiAS and behind it is a simple 24-port switch with VLAN support. However, I do not want to configure the VLANs cumbersome via "/ interface ethernet switch" in order to possibly reach the full speed. I would like to do this via "/ interface bridge vlan" (Bridge VLAN Filtering). ... _Filtering

Here is written the series CRS3x which supports. Only I am still uncertain and would like to put on your experiences.

Can that device (CRS326-24G-2S + RM) do that?

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Re: Experience CRS326-24G-2S + RM / Buy Recommendations

Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:14 pm

CRS is not a router, it's a switch. While it will forward data within any VLAN wire-speed, it won't be able to route data between different VLANs anywhere near wire-speed. For that you'd need a proper router, currently the best bet seems RB4011 ... you can use it as "router on a stick", connecting it to CRS326 using a SFP+ DAC ...

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