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DHCP/ARP issue with iPhone 3GS

Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:30 pm

Hi everyone.
I'm new here, and new to MikroTik hardware (and RouterOS) as well. I own a RB3011.
My network is simple: Fiber modem connected via ethernet to RB3011 connected to a Synology RT2600AC used as AP.

I used to do everything with the RT2600AC as main and only router and every phone/tablet/TV/Computer was connecting fine, through WiFi or cable.
I introduced the RB3011 and configured the RT2600AC as AP. Thus I configured the DHCP Server on the RB3011. But the DHCP server turned to be unstable: was giving IP to new client, renewed IP to always connected clients, but could not give an other lease to client once connected but too long gone... And my younger kid's iPhone 3GS couldn't connect at all!
I tracked things a litlle and discovered that the 3GS, when negociating DHCP, was indeed fullfilling the ARP table with 169.254.x.y adresses.
I managed to get the WiFi "connected" on 3GS by setting its entry in both ARP List and DHCP static lease. But no communication then...

I read a lot of settings to try on this forum (STP/RSTP/none, minimal lease time to respect, DHCP authoritative setting ...) but none worked till then (maybe I did not try all the mixed possibilities, I admit).

For the time being, I banned this 3GS from my network... But before buying something else to the kiddo, I would like to know if anyone has an idea how to fix this.
And if not, at least my testimony may enlight someone else.

Anyway, since then my DHCP server is stable and every other device is connecting well. So I continue my discovery of the MikroTik world.

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