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setup more AP for few clients like ISPs (not inhouse CAPsMAN)

Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:06 am

hi, can someone give me basic idea how to setup 2 or so APs. network looks like this:

|---- ROUTER B -------------- ROUTER A (NAT) ---------------- INTERNET
|------------------eth1 AP1 wlan1 *** wireless*** CLIENT4 (--wifirouter), CLIENT5(--wifirouter). CLIENT6(--wifirouter)
|------------------eth1 AP2 wlan1 *** wireless*** CLIENT1 (--wifirouter), CLIENT2(--wifirouter). CLIENT3(--wifirouter)
|------ more APs

I am wondering, how to split it into subnets, if setup one subnet on eth1 of both APs and Router B and diferent subnet on wlan1 of each AP? all clients on each AP in one subnet with mask /24 or split it into subnest by higher mask - each client 2-3 IPs (/29 or so) / one for wificlient one router behid and have many IPs on wla1 interface s other end for each CLIENTX.

If setup NAT on each CLIENT1 - CLIENT6 or just ent+wlan bridge and NAT just on client wifirouter

PPPoE from each CLIENTX to ROUTER B and there manage access there (Firewall) or just connect with wpa2-psk shared key and have firewall rules on each AP?

How ISPs usually setup this?

Thank you for hints.

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