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Mikrotik Bullet M5 - Bridge Mode

Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:46 pm

Hello everyone,

please help with setting up Mikrotik device. please help with setting up Mikrotik device.

Internet->Archer C6 Router (with DHCP -> Miktotik Groove 52HPn in Bridge mode (Static IP 0.179) -> Ubiquiny M5 (Static IP 0.178)-> Second TP link Router (WAN Dynamic/LAN DHCP

Everything works as it should until a new device connects to the archer on the Archer C6 (Wifi / LAN DHCP )

Mikrotik forces the device on the network IP Address 192.168.88.XXX.

I had to create a device table in DHCP Archer C6 with MAC addresses and static IP Addresses.

What needs to be adjusted in the Mikrotik settings ???

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