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ACS vendor config upload with variables

Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:56 am


I operate an ISP and we are looking into using Mikrotik products for our CPE devices. Specifically looking at the hAP-AC and hAP-AC2.

We are looking to use an ACS and TR-069; so far we're playing around with GenieACS to handle automated configuration of the devices. We have a somewhat complex config including multiple VLANs, trunk interfaces, multiple bridges with VLAN filtering etc..

It looks like most of these more advanced config elements are not exposed via the TR-069 parameters. Therefore, it looks like I will probably need to work with vendor configuration files with ".alter" extension to make these changes.

However, each of these devices will have slightly different vendor config files - the VLANs will be different. Is there any way for genieACS (or a similar ACS) to embed variables into these config files on-the-fly? Or is this something that I am going to have script manually with the GenieACS API (i.e. use a custom script in python to generate the config.alter file, then push it to genieACS, then have genieACS push it to the Mikrotik device?)

This seems like a common issue so I'm hoping someone in here has already been through this before! We have software engineers in house so no issue with developing some tools, but just wondering if others have run into this and what solutions may be out there!


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