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CCR 2004 compatibility with SFP 10/100/1000 modules.

Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:57 am

Hi Gents,

I've tried to use Cisco GLC-T SFP's with the new CCR 2004 and faced some issues.

The Cisco GLC-T are compatible with Mikrotik routers (I have read it somewhere) and they should be able to work on 10/100/1000.
No issue if I set them to 1Gb or use it with auto and 1G link, but they not work with 100Mb links and cant be set to 100Mb.
Even if I disable Auto Negotiation and set it to 100Mb the status stays on 1Gb and no link.
Unfortunately some of devices used are rated only to 100Mb connectivity and they cannot connect on 1G.
This puts back my plans to upgrade a site.

Can someone shed some light why I cant set the SFP module to 100Mb on CCR 2004?
Maybe is just incompatibility with this SFP modules?
Does using Microtik's SFP S-RJ01 will solve the issue?
Any advice is appreciated.

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