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wAP 60 won't hold channel 66000

Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:53 pm

I have been seeing an issue on both wAP 60 APs and LHG 60's where the AP will not hold on frequency 66000. I have set the scan list on the client to scan for 66000 (which works) and I manually set the frequency 66000 on the AP via CLI. It will change to 66000 and the station will lock up. Then, anywhere from a few hours to many days later, the AP stops transmitting on 66000 and picks a new channel (usually 58320). There is no cause to this from our end (no firmware change, no reboot, etc).

We have seen this on three separate links now. One running 6.46.2 (stable) and two others on 6.46.6 (long term). I have upgraded to the latest 6.47 and still seen it. Anyone else seeing this issue? Have a solution?

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