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Send only winbox traffic through VPN

Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:13 pm

Not sure if this understandable but I'm trying to send only traffic from winbox application through a VPN.

Currently I have a RB(A) with a public IP and has a VPN server enabled which this is a main router for my LAN network.

when I want to access my LAN network I connect via VPN and all good, I can access all my LAN devices no problem, (if not connect to VPN on the client side, I can't access my LAN devices )

on my other RB(B) which is where I access remotely I have my VPN set to my router so I can just connect to it and be able to access all my LAN devices.

and here is my question, I want to set in my RB (B) where if I want to access my LAN from RB(A) from winbox to send that traffic through my VPN and the rest of the traffic to normal WAN connection?

hope I explained this correctly since I'm still new I don't now all the IT words.

Thanks !

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