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"telecom"-style & versatility ?

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:18 pm
by mada3k
I would like to suggest a further development of the RB1100AHx4 and possible make it more "telecom"-focused (almost ETSI-300, AC or 48V, fanless) and add some versatility. The RB1100AHx4 falls short with it's lack of SFP+, SFP or even combo-ports. A typical application or use case would be a tower site or techincal co-location, where you have mixed types of adjecent connections, and probably carry your services over a routed network. It can also be used as a higher grade CPE at a customer.

  • Port configurations could be example 4S-4C-4P or 2S+-4C-4P or 4S+-2C-2P. PoE would (straight from the 48V) be very useful for local devices (phone, camera, wireless, etc.)
  • Dual RJ45 serial ports for console and to manage some local device
  • USB-port for 4G/LTE backup or manage some local device

Examples are Juniper ACX500/1100/2200 or Cisco ASR901/920