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Command Line....?

Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:08 pm

Is there anyway to print/show all the commands at the cli im aware of ? printing the branch your in but is it possible to print/show the entire command tree..?
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Re: Command Line....?

Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:40 pm

Complete configuration tree is possible to get by executing /export (with optional parameters, such as verbose or terse or ... Use [tab] key to get printout of posible parameters).

If you're asking about (scripting) commands, then I don't know a way of getting complete list of commands ...
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Re: Command Line....?

Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:11 pm

Nearly but not quite, I mean all the commands built into router os. Like the veiw below but with all the sub menu's I was just looking for something easier than manually copying each sub section in

beep -- 
blink -- 
caps-man -- 
certificate -- Certificate management
console -- 
delay -- does nothing for a while
disk -- 
do -- executes command
environment -- list of all variables
error -- make error value
execute -- run script as separate console job
file -- Local router file storage.
find -- Find items by value
for -- executes command for a range of integer values
foreach -- executes command for every element in a list
global -- set value global variable
if -- executes command if condition is true
import -- 
interface -- Interface configuration
ip -- 
ipv6 -- 
lcd -- 
len -- return number of elements in value
local -- set value of local variable
log -- System logs
mpls -- 
nothing -- do nothing and return nothing
parse -- build command from text
partitions -- 
password -- Change password
pick -- return range of string characters or array values
ping -- Send ICMP Echo packets
port -- Serial ports
ppp -- Point to Point Protocol
put -- prints argument on the screen
queue -- Bandwidth management
quit -- Quit console
radius -- Radius client settings
redo -- Redo previously undone action
resolve -- perform a dns lookup of domain name
return -- return value from function
routing -- 
set -- Change item properties
snmp -- SNMP settings
special-login -- Special login users
system -- 
terminal -- commands related to terminal handling
time -- returns time taken by command to execute
toarray -- convert argument to array value
tobool -- convert argument to truth value
toid -- convert argument to internal number value
toip -- convert argument to IP address value
toip6 -- convert argument to IPv6 address value
tonum -- convert argument to integer number value
tool -- Diagnostics tools
tostr -- convert argument to string value
totime -- convert argument to time interval value
typeof -- return type of value
undo -- Undo previous action
user -- User management
while -- executes command while condition is true
export -- Print or save an export script that can be used to restore configuration

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