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Is am RB532A going to be overloaded with this config?

Tue Aug 07, 2007 9:09 am


- 532Ar5
- Three R52s each connected to a 120 degree sector
- WDS running on all three sectors. Three remote APs will be connected to this cell via WDS
- OSPF running
- Hostpot running on all three sectors
- One R52 configured as a backhaul. Expect to have 12-15Mb constant udp (video) traffic. Internet traffic will be additional
- At most, 5 users connected to total cell at one time with low Bandwidth needs (internet surfing).

Do you think the CPU will be maxed out in this config? From my research, I see info stating that the 532A can handle anywhere from 18-30Mbps TCP throughput before hitting 100% CPU Util. Obviously, an RB333 would handle this installation much better but there isn't one available at the moment. I may move the backhual link to a PtP RB333 in the future but I'd like to find out what folks think about this config first.

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