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How to make MikroTik wAP LR8 kit automatically reconnect to TTN after power outage?

Thu Sep 23, 2021 3:58 pm

After home power goes down and is then restored, the Mikrotik Lora 8 gateway does not reconnect to TTN automatically. I need to cycle the power to the gateway, but apparently only after the home network is back on and running. it seems that the gateway has to have an up and running network after it has rebooted and can’t resync if it powers up before the home network is online??
A reply from TTN suggested:
So typically, startup files should be organized such that attempting to start the packet forwarder happens only after attempting to start the network interfaces.
But the packet forwarder should also be run as a restarting service such that if it fails, it tries again later

Here’s a log screen capture from mine:
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