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Help me (noob) setup Qbittorrent Port Forward in Winbox

Fri Sep 24, 2021 6:17 am

Note: I'm a total noob in this. I've watched youtube videos on Port Forward tutorial, but I still can't successfully port forward. I actually was able to port forward 3 years ago, but somethings happened that made the Mikrotik reset, and now I can't port forward again (forgot the steps needed).

I'm trying to port forward port (ex: 65300) in Qbittorrent. So that my PC can be connectable to others.

My IPv4 address: [Static IP]
IPv4 DNS servers:
My WAN [Public IP] address:
I have no clue which address above that I need to fill in in the rules below

Here's what I have done:
In Qbittorrent settings, set port to 65300
In Winbox:

IP - Firewall - NAT:
New NAT Rule
Chain: dstnat
dst. adress:
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Dst. Port: 65300
In. Interface: bridge

action: dstnat
to addresses:
To Ports: 65300
I'm unsure if I should fill in Src. Address, Src. Port, Out Interface, In/Out Interface List, etc.

Please let me know what I should've done.

Thanks in advance.

Here's screenshot of my NAT rules, the ones I added are number 18 and 19. Numbers 0 - 17 are made by a technician.


Also, the filter rules and connections. The technician is the one setting up the others. I'm only adding the qbt ones in NAT.


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