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Connect modem and router with hotspot

Sat Sep 25, 2021 6:47 am

Hi everyone I have a mikrotik router and a fiber modem
I am trying to make a network like the following diagram
The modem brand is Huawei and it already setup in secound floor near the switch
I need to setup router in first floor so wifi can cover every spot
I need to enable poe as well(modem dosent have it but switch and router dose)
I want every device on network to connect to internet through mikrotik router so I can define hotspot and radius server as well as full controll over network
The problem is I dont know how to make devices that trying to connected to modems wifi to obtain Ip from router
So when I disable dhcp server on modem devices cant obtain ip
My modem ip is ip and router itself set to and I defined a hotspot bridge with the range of
How can I set my modem so it can redirect devices to router
And by the way every where is wired so I can use upto 2 lan cables on my router
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