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Trying to route client ip through gre tunnel

Mon Sep 27, 2021 6:28 am

I have 2 Mikrotik boxes, connected by a GRE tunnel.

I have a tcp port from box #1 dst-natted to box #2.

Box #2 forwards that to a PC with a web server.

Ok. so I connect my device to the IP address of box #1 and the forwarded port, and I successfully hit the web server IF I use masquerade on the GRE tunnel. The issue is that I want the web server to see the IP address of the visitor, not the IP address of the GRE tunnel.

If I remove the masquerade, it doesn't work. I believe this is because box #1 doesn't know how to route IP addresses on box #2 ... AND ... I think box #2 tries to route out the default route instead of back through box #1.

I've tried every combination of routing and masquerading and mangle that I can, and nothing works. So, I've deleted everything to start fresh.

If you could give me some recommendations on how to do this properly, I'll use that to build a config and then I will put that config on here if it doens't work to proceed further with troubleshooting.


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