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Question | Wireguard 7.1rc4 | Client2Site

Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:07 pm

Hello mikrotik community :)
my name is Martin, i come from germany and i am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.
At the beginning I have the first question for the experts, it's about a wireguard.

RB4011iGS+ (Wireguard Server, reachable from the outside via dyndns/noip)
RBmAPL-2nD (Wireguard Client, dynamic adress, celluar)

Wireguard via a windows client works towards the server. I promise myself more throughput if I run the VPN tunnel between two MTs. Is it possible to establish a VPN tunnel between the two MTs via wireguard, even if I can only specify the endpoint (address of the server) on one side of the client? I cannot specify an endpoint on the server, since the address from the client (mAP) is dynamic via mobile radio and it would certainly not even be possible with NAT. So the question is, is there a way to initialize the UDP wireguard connection from the client (mAP) to the server?

Thanks in advance and best regards!


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