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hAP ac2 bricked ROM - Winbox not work

Fri Oct 01, 2021 2:42 pm

Update to 7.1rc3 appeared in Winbox app, I clicked to install but it never came to an end...
A few hours later I realized I lost access using winbox!
I restarted the device and winbox shows me: "ERROR: router does not support secure connection, please enable Legacy mode if you want to connect anyway"
When you enable this option, it stays as 'Loggin...' forever!

Tried to reset by button, but it has no effect, the device doesn't reset!
I tried the procedure using netInstall, but it doesn't recognize the router.
It's working, wireless is normal, PPP server is working too, but I can't manage or reset it!

Can you give me a help?
I have a BIOS write hardware if necessary!

Thanks in advance!

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