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Feature Request: Forcing 2.5G or 5G on 10G/s interface

Mon Oct 04, 2021 7:37 pm


Doc [1] says:
auto-negotiation (yes | no; Default: yes) When enabled, the interface "advertises" its maximum capabilities to achieve the best connection possible.

Note1: Auto-negotiation should not be disabled on one end only, otherwise Ethernet Interfaces may not work properly.
Note2: Gigabit Ethernet and NBASE-T Ethernet links cannot work with auto-negotiation disabled.
From late experiences (with 6.48.4), it seems you cannot force a link to settle on a 2.5G or 5G rate.
Having this capability, even only between two MT devices would be nice thing to have given overheating issues with 10G/s on copper.

Thoughts ?

Best regards

[1] ... e/Ethernet

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