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How do I power the RBM11G from the hAP ac3 PoE Out in LAN port 5

Tue Oct 05, 2021 6:06 am

I need help to configure the Mikrotik hAP ac3 PoE Out Lan port 5 to a WAN.

I have tried these steps:
Go to Interface > Interface List: Change WAN to ether5, Press OK

Go to Bridge > Ports: Take ether5 off and add ether1

Go to IP > DHCP Client: Change it from ether1 to ether5
Both my RBM11G and the hAP AC3 are on RouterOS 7.1rc4. Currently the RBM11G has a Quectel EM160R-GL and it connects to AT&T without any problems. What I need is to power it from the hAP ac3's PoE out LAN ether5 Port5, but I cannot seem to change the LAN Port 5 to a WAN, I have tried the above steps and seems like I'm missing something because the WAN keeps defaulting back to ether1 port 1 on the hAP AC3.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, once I get this configured the RBM11G will be out in an external antenna, being powered by the hAP ac3 PoE out port5, that is my plan. Thank you
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