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Multicast with EoIP without polluting other subnets

Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:11 am

Hi all, I'm facing an issue trying to connect IP TV on two distinct sites while having also other subnets that should not be impacted/polluted.
Here is the set-up:

Site A (RB4011iGS+)
receive the multicast from ISP
dedicated VLAN 3 where multicast feed is broadcasted and IP TVs connected to it

also has a dedicated VLAN 3 for the IP TVs

Sites interconnection
I've set-up a VPN IPsec tunnel between the two sites

Issue is that if I set-up an EoIP tunnel then it should be on a dedicated bridge on each side in order to not pollute the other VLAN. For each sites I need to send all VLANs including VLAN 3 on the same physical interface but I can't trunk all VLANs as they are running on two separate bridges.
Any idea how to make it work ?

I've attached a basic drawing of my set-up to help understanding the case.
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