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Remote Reboot not working, Internal Server Error

Wed Oct 06, 2021 9:09 pm

I have 11 or so MIkrotik RB450Gx4 routers that are behind a private APN network. They can communicate and have tens of devices behind each. I am trying to solve an issue with one of the routers having high latency compared to the other routers, and it is on v6.46.1 RouterOS. Whenever I kept trying to switch pages or navigate through the WebUI, it would not respond, so I would have to refresh and re-login. I decided to try to update the Router OS to the latest Stable or LongTerm OS, but the router won't reboot. By selecting the reboot option, or /system reboot in the Terminal window, it will sit there, then return to the login screen and just display 'internal server error'. I tried this on one of the other routers, and its displaying the same issue, so it makes me think its some sort of configuration of the routers? I was not involved in the setup of this sytem, I Inherited it.

Most of these routers are on old RouterOS software, so I want to be able to update these. What do I need to start looking at, so I can actually reboot these?

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