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No internet connection on LAN ports in CAP configuration

Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:45 am


I can't access network over LAN through slave router.

My network is created out of two devices:
- hAP ac Routerboard RB962UIGS (master / manager)
- hAP ac2 RBD52G (slave)

They are configured to create mesh wifi network.
Every device is connected to the network 192.168.1.x
The CAPs themself, are connected to the 192.168.33.x.

The whole mesh network works just fine. All devices are connected seamlessly, and as desired, are connected to the same subnetwork 192.168.1.x.
But if I try to connect PC through LAN port on slave device, it won't get access to the internet (it gets ip from 192.168.33.x poll).
What should I change in my configuration to be able to use lan ports on slave CAP.

Screenshots of configuration should be available in attachments.
Please let me know if there is some more info required.

Thank you in advance.
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