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RF testing

Sat Oct 09, 2021 9:03 am

We've been trying to narrow down and issue what appears to only be on Mikrotik within our network.

We have two EXFO test sets and send 5Gbps across a single CCR2004 and also tried two CCR2004 units and the out of sequence errors are in the hundreds of thousands during the tests.

No firewall rules. Used static routes to avoid in odd OSPF or BGap oddities for a simple test.

Two of the CPU cores do hit 80% but we get the se result sending 200Mbps with only 8% CPU load.

We are at a loss.

This happens in v7 or V6 builds. less.dramatic big still an issue on CCR1072.

We need to solve this issue or I literally need to replace thousands of routers. It's a problem with LTE backhaul signaling.
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Re: RF testing

Tue Oct 12, 2021 3:15 am

Some thoughts.

Assuming these are multiple UDP streams of short-ish packets.

I would expect it should be possible to keep each stream individually in order. (Each stream gets its own cpu/path through the router)
If it is a single very fast stream, it should be doable, but you might run out of CPU

- Turn Connection tracking on (It is likely on auto, and turned off)
/ip firewall connection tracking
- Minimal (if any) forward path firewall rules
- fast path, fast track set up
- Mikrotik Support

If the stream packets need to stay in order relative to packets in other streams, I am doubtful you will achieve this.
- Mikrotik Support
- Nice hardware L3 switch perhaps
- CRS with RouterOS V7 ??
- Encapsulate packets as MPLS prior to Mikrotik, and label switch them

Good Luck

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