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USB Tether: lte1 connect to bridge1

Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:00 am

I'm trying to bridge a CCR2004-16G-2S+ to an Inseego M2100 for wired connection sharing. When I plug the unit into the Cloud Core Router, the lte1 device is started and attached to the WAN side with the proper DHCP client configuration. On the ethernet port side, I can bridge all the ports together, but it won't show me the lte1 interface for bridging. I can see the WAN interface, but that isn't exactly what I want. The M2100 does not support full passthrough to a wired device, only DMZ to a known private IP of the M2100. I need the CCR2004 to have an IP address for local management. All of the devices plugged into the CCR2004 need to use the M2100 for a default gateway. I have a maximum address space of 30 private IPv4 and a routed /64 IPv6 public DHCPv6. I do not wish to double NAT. Later I will be running ZeroTier to bridge this CCR2004 to a CCR3016 at another site, pending ZeroTier being ported to the Tile architecture.

For those not familiar, Verizon Wireless is the carrier and this unit currently handles about 150GB per month with very few issues. I'm expecting to raise that to 300 GB per month late next year. With a proper n261 5G mm-wave signal, I'm showing 2.8 Gbps download at 2 - 3 bars when the cell isn't packed. This would be simpler if MikroTik supported later generation 5G standards. I'd need n261, n260, n77, n66, n5, and n2.

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