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DHCP server lease expired lost connection, need help

Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:32 am


I have made DHCP server for 24h lease, when my lease EXPIRES and renews, then all my connection is dropped. Like connection to NAS, SSH and etc. Why is it happening?
Also I am using Uninfi AP nanoHD, maybe that's the culprit?

When my DHCP server was Huawei LTE router I had no problems at all.
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Re: DHCP server lease expired lost connection, need help

Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:44 pm

Good Evening,

Usually the Client will renew the DHCP-Lease before it expires.
To be more precise, after 50% of the Lease time, the Client will enter the Renewal Period.
In your Case:
If your DHCP-Server has a lease time of 12 hours...
Your Client will "Renew" the lease automatically after 6 Hours.

To check your Leases in RouterOS :
/ip dhcp-server lease print active
No active* Lease should have a value smaller then 6Hour under the Parameter "EXPIRES-AFTER"
(*active means Clients wo are connected and active in the Network)

If this doesn't happen, you have a Problem in your Network..
Possible Problem:
- Multiple Client with the same Name
- Client with illegal characters in Netname
- Multiple Client with the same MAC
- Multiple DHCP-Servers
- Firewall

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