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Wired-AP (HWMPplus)

Mon Jan 24, 2022 7:17 am

I need to cover my all floors. Instead of running multiple APs on the same SSID, which causes session disconnection when roaming to a new IP, I'd like to setup a "mesh"-type system(I know this isn't really the right term) in order to provide the clients with the ability to hand-off connections seamlessly when roaming to the next AP and not interrupt existing TCP sessions/etc.
I've been looking at the best way to do this over time, and it seems like with Microtik it's possible to use WDS for this, but in my particular case, I have access to wired-backhaul, so a wireless mesh seems silly.
Based my research so far/Amazon browsing, my intention is to buy a Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3 and 2x MikroTik cAP ac to get started; with the possibility of swapping the RB750Gr3 for an hAP ac² later on.

Intended network topography:

Cable Modem
Netgear unmanaged 16 port switch
Wired devices & 2x cAP ac

I hope someone is able to give me a bit of reassurance that this setup will actually work as I'm intending or if this is more trouble than it's worth & I should forget this plan and look more into a Ubituiqi-based solution.
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Re: Wired-AP (HWMPplus)

Wed Jan 26, 2022 4:12 am

Post in the wireless forum with as much detail as possible.
My sense is that your approach is not favoured.
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Re: Wired-AP (HWMPplus)

Wed Jan 26, 2022 2:56 pm

Don't see any problem in this setup.
I'm doing much more complex things.
Characteristics of this setup:
- 4 network like the above in total , each network uses one IP subnet (4 DHCP servers for 4 networks on main router), large 1 km2 area
- common central router to load-balanced internet access, common RADIUS server
- network is one L2 broadcast domain, PtMP links are "AP bridge - Station bridge" links, all interfaces are port to bridge
- one SSID name for all client access in one network, common name for 2.4 and 5 GHz (ssid A,B,C,D exists in total)
- MT does not support fast roaming (connect before disconnect), but IP address and sessions remain open while roaming within same SSID
- no CAPsMAN used
- clients authenticate via EAP/PEAP/MsCHAPv2 RADIUS, WPA2/Enterprise
- roaming triggers RADIUS authentication, but not DHCP renewal, no new NAT sessions in the main router, no new TCP sessions
- excessive broadcasts (Apple Bonjour, Windows NBT, etc etc) mitigated with "same horizon" in bridges.
- roaming between A,B,C and D networks (different SSID!) is new IP, and of course new NAT sessions, new TCP sessions
- all bridges and switches set as "dump" devices, no VLAN filtering. However VLAN is used, for some AP to allow them to serve multiple networks.
- 200+ client devices, works very well. Roaming still is a short 1-2 sec interruption/delay of traffic. (no 802.11k/r/v in MT)
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