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User Manager 7.x Issues

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2022 9:00 pm
by ddejager
I have observed two issues (or at least differences from RouterOS 6.x) with the RouterOS 7.x user manger. I've reported these issues a while ago to MikroTik, but they did not seem to think that they are issues. I would like to solicit others' thoughts here.

In RouterOS 6.x I could easily configure user manager to set a time limit or total byte limit on a hotspot user by simply connecting the hotspot to the user manager and specifying in the user manager that a particular user profile was limited either by time or total bytes and it "just worked". From debug logs it appears that with user manager in RouterOS 6.x, the user manager would automatically tell the hotspot what the byte or time limit was when the session was started (with an unsolicited interim update response?). The hotspot could enforce these limits and terminate the session if reached and then inform the user manager for record keeping.

In RouterOS 7.x I observe that the user manager does NOT automatically provide total byte limit or time limits to the hotspot by default. You need to manually configure each user with that contains the proprietary MikroTik attributes (such a MikroTik-Total-Limit attribute) for the information to be given to the hotspot, and/or you need to manually configure the hotspot to poll for interim updates from the user manager. Neither of these are optimal, not as convenient as as in RouterOS 6. If you set the interim update to a long value, the user could go significantly over their allocation. If you set it to a short value, there is more overhead. Having to manually set the MikroTik attributes for each user if you want the hotspot to enforce them, instead of relying on interim updates is also a pain.

Has anyone else observed this about User Manager 7.x? Is there a way around these issues?