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Zerotier internal controller no IP assignment.

Tue Oct 04, 2022 10:18 am

Hi, I was testing zerotier controller on a 4011.
I followed the guide mikrotik: ... Controller
Everything seems to work except the ip assignment. In the guide it is written that I should find in ip/address an ip assigned to the zerotier interface of the pool decided in the controller but it is not there, if I assign it manually and if I assign an ip to a remote client the two are able to ping each other, i am able also to see as neighboors the remote clients.
Mi configuration:
set zt1 comment="ZeroTier Central controller -" identity="47f0..." name=zt1 port=9993
/zerotier controller
add instance=zt1 ip-range= name=ZT-private network=47f00... routes=
/zerotier interface
add allow-default=yes allow-global=yes allow-managed=yes disabled=no instance=zt1 name=myZeroTier network=47f00...

/zerotier controller member
#This is the rb4011 istance client in my office, the controller is on the same machine.
add authorized=yes ip-address= network=ZT-private zt-address=47f00...
#This is an homeassistant os remote client
add authorized=yes ip-address= network=ZT-private zt-address=dbaa...
#This is a remote 4011 board in my house
add authorized=yes ip-address= network=ZT-private zt-address=da320...

None of these is able to obtain an ip address automatically, I expected since the controller has chosen some addresses from the pool to be assigned to the various clients to see them reflected in ip address. Maybe I am wrong something I is the first time I try to use this protocol.
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Re: Zerotier internal controller no IP assignment.

Tue Oct 04, 2022 12:38 pm

After several attempt i have checked "Allow Global" in the interface of controller now it seems to assign the correct ip to the various mikrotik clients but not assign it on non mikrotik devices. :roll:
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Re: Zerotier internal controller no IP assignment.

Wed Oct 12, 2022 1:32 pm

I have 2 HAP AC2 both with zerotier, one the tick Allow Managed is not selected, this device gets an i.p from zerotier and I can access and ping the zerotier ip. On another Exactly the same device and same configuration I do not get an ip from zerotier. This one I check the Allow Managed and it gets a zerotier i.p. The first one has no issues with routing to a device on the internal network, but on the 2nd one I cannot ping the zerotier i.p or route to internal. I then used a 3rd HAP AC2 on the same zerotier network and get the same results, but when I give the 3rd device a static ip that was assigned by the zerotier control panel, I can ping and access the network device behind it.

What I fail to understand why does one work and 2 other devices do not. the last two devices show up in the control panel as online and even reports my public ip but it does publish the zerotier ip under addresses. And when I click the Allow Managed it does publish my zerotier ip but I cannot ping it - but when I assign my zerotier i.p manually everything works as expected.

on the 2 last devices it shows my peers correctly even when not publishin the zerotier i.p under ip/addresses

I am at wits end with this weird situation.

Ps I have other HAP AC2 on other networks that work correctly.

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