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/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=9999d

Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:53 am

Hello, I'm having issue with ROS 7.6 regarding to
/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=9999d
In ROS 6 I was able to issue
/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=9999d
/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=0
and didn't get any error, but in ROS 7 if I do the same, I'm getting "ERROR: reset in progress"
Moreover, entire script using this code is halted with the same error and even do { } on-error={} construction dosn't help to catch the error.
And after duration=9999d (this is more than 27 years) the only way to reset USB in ROS 7 is to reboot router

This was a VERY USEFUL feature in ROS 6 and it's broken in ROS 7.
Consider the following scenario:
primary link to internet is wired connection
backup link to internet is an LTE usb modem connection with pay-for-connection-per-day subscription (if you have your modem on during the day, you pay, next day - off -- no payment)

Monitoring script can do
/system routerboard usb power-reset duration=9999d
to turn USB modem off until primary link goes down, after that the script issues /system routerboard usb power-reset duration=0 and LTE modem is up and running until primary link is back so monitoring script issues /system routerboard usb power-reset duration=9999d to turn modem off again, and so on...

But in ROS 7 this is no more possible.

Tested at least on two different devices running ROS 7.6

Any comments regarding this issue are appreciated.
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