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CHR on GGCP slow download

Mon Dec 05, 2022 1:49 pm

Hi, everyone,

i just host CHR on GCP, i don't know what the problem with my CHR, my home connection is dedicated 100M Down & 100M Up, i use wireguard for VPN to my CHR and the result is below my expectation, it really take long time to load any website (30-90 seconds to open website and picture sometimes won't load), when i open youtube, it take time to load the site, but when the video start playing the connection is normal (i test play some 4k videos and connection reach to 90mbps for stream the video), but when i try to speedtest result always show below 2M sometimes 0.3M, but no problem with upload speed.

i tried to reset factory / fresh install the CHR but the problem still there.

some said it's because missmatch MTU, that make sense because at the first time i can't connect to mikrotik server license (handshake error), and then mikrotik team tell me to change MSS after change mss to 1000 and it works,

does anyone here host CHR on GCP and facing the same problem like this? or i just got the bad luck?
should I move to AWS or another cloud services?

english is not my first language, but I hope you got my point
thank you
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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Thu Dec 15, 2022 8:58 pm


Interestingly, I was just tracking down the same issue.

I could track it to having packets reaching RouterOS that are bigger than the MTU. As far as I can see, this is probably caused by GSO. I think it is GSO because (1) this is a documented behavior of Linux with GSO and (2) it does *not* happen with UDP, which is why all my connections going in *and* out of the router via wireguard work nicely. Things start to fail if a part of the connection is not wireguard-based.

I don't have a fix apart from using wireguard for all connections (not nice). I did not find a way to disable GSO, neither on the Google Cloud side, nor on the Mikrotik side.

If you do not mind me asking, how did you contact the mikrotik team ? I'd very much like to talk to them about it ...

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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:20 pm

I'm having the exact same issue, unfortunately I've already tried changing MTU, MSS, another VM Instance in Google Cloud, the CHR changed to P-Unlimited, site to site vpn, road warrior, and nothing help to fix the slow download speed.
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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:28 pm

check Your license status on:

System -> License
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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Sun Sep 10, 2023 7:29 pm


I have the same problem, its not license or MTU or MSS issue

It's a mystery!
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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:34 pm


November 2023 - still have the same issue
My download speed at region Warsaw is 500 kbps max. (300 avg)

Upload is working fine.

GCP Issue stale from July.
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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Mon Nov 27, 2023 9:06 am


Same issue ....

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Re: CHR on GGCP slow download

Fri May 10, 2024 11:50 pm

Same issue here. The default MTU 1500 would prevent me from downloading anything at all. Setting it to 1360 allows me to download.. albeit very slowly

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