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How to update dynamic simple queues parameters ?

Mon Nov 19, 2007 10:38 pm

today I've hundreds of routers running ROS in Wireless AP Mode with DHCP and RADIUS using Rate-Limit attribute to create simple queues automagically. So there's today my problem :
- I've thousands of leases and dynamic queues attributed to users on hundreds of routers.
- I'm going to change most of the rate values stored in SQL databases used as RADIUS backend.
- I want all these leases to be updated via RADIUS requests.

What is the best way to perform such an update ?
Radius requests are not executed on lease expirations because radius answers or dhcp and queues parameters are stored somewhere in memory; how can I force Radius resquests to be re-executed without manually deleting leases and rebooting all the stations (that's what I'm doing as usual for few rare cases) ?
How can I force DHCP RADIUS requests to be made on lease renewal requests ? ... or to perform a massive refresh on queues via CLI or script ?


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