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RouterBOARD RB5009UPr+S+IN - ethernet problems

Mon Apr 15, 2024 6:51 pm

we started using this board in indoor and outdoor versions as soon as they were avaiable to us. I think it is a great pc of hardware mainly because of a good number of ports, poe and solid cpu performance.

But we have some issues with that. Once a month the RB somehow get stuck and ether1 stops working. It is showing link, but adress cannot be pinged. I do see the IP in ARP, but no ping and no traffic. Weird thing is that when this happens I can see arp full of incomplete adresses on all ports with correct subnets, but with no macs (like when on ether3 is and in arp i can see with mac and 30 more adresses from without mac without any reason)

After reboot it starts working no problem. I am angry on myself i did not make a screenshot of that...

I´d like to add that we have a bridge there and only ether1 is on that bridge. I dont know if that bug has to do with bridge, or with ether1 itself.

It happend on 2 different boards (each on a different place - 20km apart, no link between them)... So it is not a one bad RB thing...

Are we the only one who is observing this behavior?

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