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Routing dead when PPPoE is gone ?

Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:19 pm

Hi Folks,

I was wondering what could cause this ...
When the PPPoE is not working - connection to all hosts is interrupted.
Anyone has an idea what could be the cause of that ?

IMHO - the state of the PPPoE Connection should not affect the routing table for the internal LAN's ?
Actually - I can ping the Router Interfaces from all sides - however - packet forwarding through the interfaces is not possible anymore.
As a little explanation:
Ether 1 - World - PPPoE
Ether 2 - Disabled
Ether 3 - Server Net - Web/Mail Server
Ether 4 - Server Net - Game Server (UT3)
Ether 5 - LAN
WLan - WiFi Interface

When Ether 1/PPPoE is Up and running - I can - according to the firewall rules - reach from the Lan/Wifi all
systems in the Server net.
When PPPoE however is not having a connection (e.g. PPPoE has no IP Address assigned) - then I can't reach any system ...

I can't explain that ...

Thx for any hints
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Re: Routing dead when PPPoE is gone ?

Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:17 pm

Are any of your interfaces bridged together?

Please give us more info on your configuration
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