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MetaRouter is causing high loads

Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:12 am

I have a setup like attached to this post.

From left to right:
- line is my internet uplink
- RB1000 [1] is my first RB1000 device
- next line is a (utp) connection between the two RB1000 devices.
- the right RB1000 [2] had a bridge group with a ether1
- On the right RB1000 [2] there is a MetaRouter (connected to the bridge by a vif)
- The meta router is connected to ether2
- Ether2 is connected to a host machine by utp.
Nothing strange so far.

If there is a 'large' file transfer, and the connected speed between the internet and the host machine will go over 10Mbit/s, the MetaRouter cpu load is going up above 40. The load on the second RB1000 [2] is also going up with the same amount (logical). The load on the first RB1000 [1] is stable between 1 and 3% cpu load. Both RB1000 and the metarouters are only setup to forward this traffic, and no filtering or logging is done on these routers.

I know that a 100% cpu load automatically means that it hasn't no more capacity to route the traffic normally, but why is load in the Metarouter at 40% cpu and on the other fysical RB1000 still at 1-3% cpu load?
And can i see what is causing this load?
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Re: MetaRouter is causing high loads

Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:04 am

this is how metarouter works. Load is caused by metarouter handling packets. initial CPU hit is high, but you can push reasonable amount of packets through due to a way packets are handled by RouterOS.

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