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Mikrotik WISP.- Latency and Point to Point monitoring

Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:31 pm

We are a WISP company , at the moment we have installed a small Mikrotik network and we have some problem where I think that maybe the situation is latency.

I present to you our network where only that I include one CPE RB411 and two point to point.- We have install and configure The Dude monitoring software and I created a function to determine the latency I don’t know if this function I created ok or maybe I have problem.- This High-latency function I have setup over PROBES and I add on each device of the network and I execute from The Dude to check the latency and retrieve any alert that permit know the Latency between the dude and the equipment.

My colleague has a question: He believe if I make this probes to all our device maybe we will be generate a ICM storm and maybe the Mikrotik Device drop/cancel/rejected or other over the ICM/Function that it receive on the probes.

The Probe/function {High-Latency that I attach here} I created to monitoring the latency between the towers and the AP that we have installed on our network to determinate our problem with the latency

See the picture:
probes highlatency

My questions are:

A. - Can you confirm if with the before probe I can detected or determinate the latency between the tower and retrieve the alert message when its happen any
B. - If you know others function that permit know how to determinate the latency please let me know?
C.- Exist other way that we can test the latency over the network for example when we need test the bandwidth we create a user name and password on the
equipment that I configure which bandwidth test server , on this way my question is for make a test to use latency exist other way to make it?
D.- My first point to point from the dude to others device Some time I have a packets lost or high latency can you give me any recommendation to know what is the
problem or how I can determinate where is the problem, because maybe the problem is the bandwidth or maybe is the interference?

I attach a network map with some parameters.- Our problem is some time the client make a speed test over internet and the ping out to internet is more than 120ms on this moments I make a test between The Dude and Mikrotik Device {} and the ping is 100ms where the normal ping is 12ms.- With this function/high latency I determinate the moment when happen this latency and the dude generate the alert.

Please send me back your commentaries.
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Re: Mikrotik WISP.- Latency and Point to Point monitoring

Sat May 22, 2010 11:55 am

I think the problem you will have is that every link will spike when doing speed tests, no matter what you do, it's designed to push the link to it's limit, my suggestion would be to only alert on high latency where the latency has been high for a certain number of probes.


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