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how to debug DHCP issue over wireless

Wed Jan 19, 2011 5:23 am

Hi MT experts,

I have setup a Hotspot with the RB800 attahed to a vlan enabled switch which connects about 10 WAP (RB411s and RB433s).

I have an IP range for the hotspot as follows

Some times when I connect to the wifi signal it takes more than 1 minute to get an IP address, some other times I can't get an IP address at all and other times it works like a breeze. The issue usually arises the first first time that I try to connect to the hotspot. After the first time I get an IP address the next time i connect it is much quick (due to the lease time on that IP address).

Does anyone know any methods on idenifying why at random times I am able to get an IP address and sometimes not. I always have close to full signal strenght when I face this issue.


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