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Switch among ethernet port when link fails: is this correct?

Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:22 pm

I have a PC connected to internet through an ADSL modem, but I would like to switch to a GPRS router if ADSL modem fails.
GPRS router is always active, but connection is very expensive when exchanging data.

I've made this test:

- PC connected to a switch
- netbook connected to switch through a RB433
- ether1 and ether2 ports connected to the same switch of the PC
- netbook connected to ether2
- ether1,2,3 with RSTP protocol (I've seen this on a wiki talking about wireless mesh networks, I'm not sure if it's correct)
- ether1,2 with priority=80h, path cost=10
- ether3 with priority=F0h

When transferring a file I correctly see data flow on ether1 and ether2; ether3 data flowing only if ether1 is not connected.
It seems working correctly, but this is just my first attempt.
Anything wrong or could I keep this configiration working?

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