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Monitoring access points via SNMP

Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:45 pm

When I get ifOperStatus via SNMP, all wlan interfaces show down(2) when there are no clients associated.

Shouldn't this be dormant(5) as long as the interface is running and waiting to accept a connection? In station mode, perhaps the return should be lowerLayerDown(7) while it's waiting for an AP to become available.

If ifAdminStatus is up(1), then the only time ifOperStatus should return down(2) should be when there's a problem with the interface, such a damaged transmitter and/or receiver and it can't establish a connection.

Here's from IF-MIB.txt
ifOperStatus OBJECT-TYPE
                up(1),        -- ready to pass packets
                testing(3),   -- in some test mode
                unknown(4),   -- status can not be determined
                              -- for some reason.
                notPresent(6),    -- some component is missing
                lowerLayerDown(7) -- down due to state of
                                  -- lower-layer interface(s)
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
            "The current operational state of the interface.  The
            testing(3) state indicates that no operational packets can
            be passed.  If ifAdminStatus is down(2) then ifOperStatus
            should be down(2).  If ifAdminStatus is changed to up(1)
            then ifOperStatus should change to up(1) if the interface is
            ready to transmit and receive network traffic; it should
            change to dormant(5) if the interface is waiting for
            external actions (such as a serial line waiting for an
            incoming connection); it should remain in the down(2) state
            if and only if there is a fault that prevents it from going
            to the up(1) state; it should remain in the notPresent(6)
            state if the interface has missing (typically, hardware)
    ::= { ifEntry 8 }

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